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Helping Hands
Food Donation Volunteers


The Catherine McAuley Center proudly serves women and children experiencing homelessness. By volunteering with the Catherine McAuley Center you leave a lasting impact on the families we serve.

Call 570-342-1342 for more information on current and upcoming opportunities.


Leadership Volunteers

The Catherine McAuley Center Board of Directors receives recommendations from committees that focus on operational aspects of the center including:

  • Community Outreach

  • Finance

  • Governance

  • Personnel

  • Program Effectiveness

Committee members are asked to attend quarterly meetings, commit to the mission and values of the Center, and have some knowledge of homelessness and the committee focus.


Internships @ McAuley

Program Interns at the McAuley Center have the ability to:
  • Become familiar with the various housing assistance programs offered by The Catherine McAuley Center.

  • Gain knowledge about resources & programs available to low-income individuals and individuals/families experiencing homelessness.

  • Observe / partake in client intake, client sessions, home visits, and various client-related meetings.

  • Assist with client events at The Center such as our Fall Festival, Easter party, Mother's Day Tea, Movie Nights, etc.

  • Become familiar with The Center’s food pantry, assessing individuals' needs & assembling food packages.

  • Learn about "Period Poverty" and what The Center is doing to advocate for menstrual equity.

  • Learn about and work with other community agencies to help people experiencing homelessness.

  • Give input in staff and caseworker meetings.

  • Learn how to work as a team member in a 501c3 organization 

* Marketing/Communications and Community Outreach internships may also be available.

Here are some more ways you can help lend a helping hand!

Period Poverty Kits

Period kits are bags that contain menstrual hygiene products, educational materials, and self-care items for those who menstruate to feel prepared and well during their period. To learn more about the Center’s period project, visit:


Use your creativity to decorate the bags. Paint a picture, draw on them, write a quote, embroider...let your creativity shine by sending positive messages.


We supply the bags to decorate!

Hold a Donation Drive

Hold a Drive


Past drives included: toys, books, food, hygiene products, Halloween costumes, etc. We will work with you to let you know about items that are most needed.


Represent the Catherine McAuley Center at Events

There are many community events each year that invite local agencies to attend.

You can represent the Center by helping staff a table, handing out information, and sharing our story.

Social Media Ambassadors

Another way to help us share our story and the work we do each day in the community is by liking our pages on social media and sharing our posts. Help us spread the word about the programs and services we provide 

Birthday / Milestone Giving

Facebook and Instagram provide an opportunity to give back to your community during milestone events like your birthday. By putting a frame on your profile picture and sharing a post, your friends and family are able to donate to the Center with a click of a button.

Think Outside of the Box

The Catherine McAuley Center encourages new ideas for volunteer projects. If you have creative ideas on ways to give back that aren’t listed, please contact us to discuss your idea!


Please contact:


Mary-Pat Ward

Development/Volunteer Coordinator

(570) 904-0522

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