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High Fives

Critical Concerns

The Catherine McAuley Center continues to be inspired by the spiritual wisdom of the Sisters of Mercy who established the Center in 1984 and named it after the foundress of their order, the venerable Catherine McAuley.

"The Sisters of Mercy were founded out of a deep concern for
the needs of persons who are poor. Today, we focus our ministry
on those needs identified through our “critical concerns.”




We believe in the need for sustainability of life, supporting both a lifestyle and legislation that acknowledge everyone’s right to water and the need to address climate change.



Believing firmly in the dignity of every person, we work for just and humane immigration laws in the U.S., address policies that push people to flee their countries, and
examine the global impact of immigration.

Image by Barbara Zandoval
Peace Protest



We work for peace through prayer, education, personal and communal practices of nonviolence, and legislative advocacy to reduce armed conflicts, gun violence and human rights abuses.



We believe racism is an evil affecting us all. We work
to recognize and dismantle institutional racism in order
to become an anti-racist multicultural community.

Protest Signs
Women's March



Through our schools, colleges, health-care institutions and spirituality centers, and through our legislative advocacy, we give special attention to women’s education, health and spirituality.

Land Acknowledgement

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Black Lives Matter

Statement of Solidarity

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